Mooring Covers

Your boat or pontoon is an important investment that you love to enjoy each year. Keeping your boat protected under the right cover can help to make sure that it lasts and you can continue to enjoy it. Canvas mooring covers and pontoon mooring covers will protect the inside of your boat and keep your boat clean and comfortable. Angola Canvas Co. makes high-quality boat covers that are custom-made to guarantee the perfect fit for the make and model of your boat.

One size does not fit all when it comes to boats and pontoons. An ill-fitting mooring cover will leave your boat exposed to moisture that can rot upholstery, rust out metal, and ruin devices inside your boat. With mooring covers that are fitted to your exact boat type, your boat or pontoon will be safe from the elements, increasing its longevity and protecting its sleek design.

With more than 7,500 cover types available, you can find the perfect fit, shape and color to match your boat. Browse through the site for more information on our mooring covers, or give Angola Canvas Co. a call today at 800-970-6607.

Canvas Mooring Covers
Price (Approximate)
V-Hull under 20 ft.
$13.85 / ft.
V-Hull over 20 ft with beam 8 ft. or under
$15.65 / ft.
$15.65 / ft.
$17.00 / ft.
Pontoons overfront deck
$18.35 / ft.
*** All cover prices are approximate.  Please call for exact prices. ***
Acrylic, Aqualon, ABC Mooring Covers
Price (approximate)
ABC / Polyester
Canvas Price + 30%
Canvas Price + 78.5%
Canvas Price + 98.5%
*** All cover prices are approximate.  Please call for exact prices. ***
Other Mooring Items
$14.00 / ft.
Mooring Poles
Cover Storage Bags
303 Fabric Guard
Water repellent for canvas & acrylic covers